Night Dive!

Congratulations to the guys who qualified as specialist night divers last night! Quintin also reached his 50 dives mark last night. Well done!!!!

The sea was stunning, nice and flat with about 3m viz. We saw lots of night live.

This weekend we will take Open waters on their first dive on saturday!

Sunday is Ironman! Good luck with everyone participating. We will do advanced, openwater and refreshers in the pool.


We had a busy fun weekend.

Saturday we started a PADI Advanced Course and RAID Advanced 35. We had so much fun doing this course! We started off with a extreme buoyancy session on saturday, most of them dropped between 2-4kg from their original weighting!! Well done!!

After the pool session it was time to get the brains working with Nitrox lectures.

On Sunday we continued the Advanced courses with more pool work, having fun with compass work, SMB and lift bag work and of course knots smile emoticon
We also Started with a Open water course on Sunday… welcome Christo, you did very well for a first time in the water!!!
After the pool session on Sunday it was time for more nitrox lectures.

The Advanced guys still have one more pool session to go where we will work on rescue skills.
Juan the sidemount guru; showed us how the sidemount diving works. He strapped us in and off we went. It is a amaizing feeling not to dive with a cylinder on your back. Its feels so free! We are hooked!!!! Cant wait to start our training.