We at ELITE SCUBA PE specialize in small group (max 4) one on one training. Where you get all the attention you deserve. It is a great way to learn to dive as you will not be placed in a large group, ensuring 100% safety standards. This also means that we can go according to your schedule, pace and comfort. We use a 25m length pool maximum depth of 3m to give you all the space you will need to practice your new adventure. You will also be trained by two of the most experienced instructors in Port Elizabeth that have been training scuba divers for the past 19 years.

                                              *Our NUDIBRANCH BOOK is in PRINT*!!!!

This Journey started out in 2019 with a Nudibranch workshop with Terry Gosliner and a few nudibranch lovers in Stellenbosch. I had the privilege to be invited and meet the experts. We all shared our knowledge and info we accumulated over years of exploration.
This is the largest, most comprehensive book I have ever came across and are tremendously thank full and proud to have been a part of this. It contains a massive 868 known seaslugs across Southern Africa.
Huge congratulations to Georgina Jones and Terry Gosliner. Thank you for all your hard work, and making us all apart of this!
It should be available from mid-November.
Contact me for orders!