Research and Photographic Dive News

An exciting result from the Nudibranchs we have been collecting: Candy nudi’s are showing three different groups genetically, all pretty much can be grouped by coloration (strangely enough not really by geographic distributions). I have attached a picture of an example of each group.
Please could you keep an eye out to see what different color variations you have around PE, PLEASE Take lots of photos and send them to


Contact Juan at 083 235 1842 or Evania at 083 659 4617 to book you session.

Night Dive!

Congratulations to the guys who qualified as specialist night divers last night! Quintin also reached his 50 dives mark last night. Well done!!!!

The sea was stunning, nice and flat with about 3m viz. We saw lots of night live.

This weekend we will take Open waters on their first dive on saturday!

Sunday is Ironman! Good luck with everyone participating. We will do advanced, openwater and refreshers in the pool.


We had a busy fun weekend.

Saturday we started a PADI Advanced Course and RAID Advanced 35. We had so much fun doing this course! We started off with a extreme buoyancy session on saturday, most of them dropped between 2-4kg from their original weighting!! Well done!!

After the pool session it was time to get the brains working with Nitrox lectures.

On Sunday we continued the Advanced courses with more pool work, having fun with compass work, SMB and lift bag work and of course knots smile emoticon
We also Started with a Open water course on Sunday… welcome Christo, you did very well for a first time in the water!!!
After the pool session on Sunday it was time for more nitrox lectures.

The Advanced guys still have one more pool session to go where we will work on rescue skills.
Juan the sidemount guru; showed us how the sidemount diving works. He strapped us in and off we went. It is a amaizing feeling not to dive with a cylinder on your back. Its feels so free! We are hooked!!!! Cant wait to start our training.

RAID Sidemount Diver

Well done to Juan Snyman who qualified as a RAID sidemount Instructor!!!

Weekend Report - 23 February 2015

Sunday we had a fantastic deep dive at Gasmic reef on the wildside. Water was warm with about 8m viz. That reef will always stay one of our favourites! The colours on that reef are stunning!!

Juan is doing lots of diving in JHB for his sidemount instructor course, and having lots off fun.
Remember Sunday is the Photographic and research dive!

Have a good week

Weekend Report

Weekend report: We had a busy weekend with buoyancy workshops on Saturday and our first RAID divemasters practicing some skills in the pool.
We also did some deep dives at Bermuda; viz was about 3m with dark water. Students did very well. On Sunday we expected the deep divers to have bad viz again but we were treated to beautiful blue clean water!!!! We went to Gunners for their 40m deep dive. It was one of those very special dives with crystal clean water, stunning soft corals and lots of fish. We dropped down on the pinnacle at 26m and gradually swam down to the table at 30m. The basket sea stars looked like they were are on steroids! From there we went to the sand patch at 40m. They did some computer skills and watch a puff adder shy shark that came to greet us. smile emoticon From there we worked our way up to the pinnacle again. A truly mind blowing dive. It’s so fantastic to be that deep, it is so calm down there and the corals are so big and healthy! They clocked 30min, well done guys!!! From there we did a 20m dive at the wall, also clean water!

A big congratulations to Charles and Belinda who qualified as specialist deep divers!!
We also had some qualified open water divers on a shore to build some hours up for their RAID deep course to begin soon.
A fantastic dive weekend.

Remember the first Research and photographic dives will be on the 15th. We will let the group know when the lectures are.
Have a good week everyone!