Haven’t been diving lately? Feeling the need to scuba dive again? The Elite Scuba Refresher program is the perfect way to update your dive skills and knowledge before jumping back into the water. We will review the knowledge you learned in your Open Water Diver class as well as cover any new material. You will review dive planning, dive tables and dive execution to keep you safe during future diving activities.

After the knowledge review session is done, you will review your scuba skills under supervision of your personal instructor. You will have the opportunity to practice and review the scuba skills you learned in your open water diver class and learn techniques that may have changed. You will have the opportunity to refresh your memory and motor coordination, as well as practice your self-aid skills, all at your own pace. It is a great opportunity to re-learn your current equipment, or the perfect time to learn about and adjust new equipment with the guidance of your experienced Instructor.

The next step is to apply your freshly reviewed skills in the ocean. We would like to invite you to explore our beautiful reefs with us, with your instructor as your buddy.

Course Includes:

  • Personal Instructor (One on one training)
  • Informal Lecture session
  • 1 Pool sessions in a large 25m length, 3m depth pool.
  • 1 Ocean dives
  • Full equipment rental INCLUDING DIVE COMPUTER


  • Valid C-Card or proof of training (ANY RECOGNISED TRAINING AGENCY)
  • 12 + Years old.
  • Complete a dive medical form