Join the Elite Scuba Revolution! For years cave and wreck divers have used this simple, pleasant and weightless way of diving. They explored wrecks and caves without the burden of the diving equipment weighing down on their backs. Sidemount is truly an awesome diving experience.

To make these kind of dives safely, it requires special training. This Speciality is equipment specific regarding the use of Sidemount cylinders for recreational diving. The use of Sidemount cylinders is simply an alternative method of carrying gasses for the dive. It does not detract the operational procedures used for any level of diver certification.

Benefits of sidemount diving:

  • Easy to mount on a Semi Rigid boat at sea.
  • Improved gas supply redundancy over single tank diving.
  • Improved safety with two independent gas supplies.
  • Easier access and monitoring of tank valves and regulators.
  • Improved trim and streamlining.
  • No possibility of the back mounted cylinder hitting the back of the head.
  • Greater range of motion of head and neck.
  • Greater peripheral vision.
  • Best possible fit for a wide range of body shapes and sizes.

RAID Sidemount Diver Course

Course Includes:

  • Personal Instructor (One on one training)
  • Informal Lecture session
  • 2 Pool sessions in a large 25m length, 3m depth pool.
  • 3 Ocean dives
  • Full Sidemount equipment rental INCLUDING DIVE COMPUTER
  • International Certification card.
  • A Certificate will be issued upon completion of course.

Training Materials:

  • Online PDF Manual
  • Online Logbook


  • Open Water Diver certification
  • Minimum Age 15 years

Certification Requirements:

  • Complete online quizzes
  • Pass an online written exam
  • Complete 3 pool training sessions
  • Complete 3 open water dives

Certification Depth: Limited to the depth of the highest qualification

Online Certification Card (E-Card) and Certificate will be issued upon completion of course.