Join the Elite Scuba Revolution!

For years cave and wreck divers have used this simple, pleasant and weightless way of diving. They explored wrecks and caves without the burden of the diving equipment weighing down on their backs. Sidemount is truly an awesome diving experience. Elite Scuba is the first school in Port Elizabeth that brings this new adventure to town. You will use the latest Hollis sidemount systems and configurations to make your sidemount experience unforgettable! If you have dived many years or just started, you will have so much fun with TRY SIDEMOUNT!


  • Sign up for a TRY SIDEMOUNT at Elite Scuba
  • Have a Open water scuba qualification.
  • You need to be in reasonable physical health.

The Next Step:

This is NOT a certification programme. However, you can start your Sidemount certification specialty immediately, it’s fun and easy! All you have to do is contact Elite Scuba for full details.